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Features p.28 Build an RS-232C Breakout Box [author Steve Ciarcia] This diagnostic tool can help you make working serial connections. p.53 The National Semiconductor NS16000 Microprocessor Family [author Glenn Leedy] The 16000 brings to microcomputers features formerly available only on much larger systems. p.70 Design Philosophy Behind Motorola's MC68000, Part 1 [author Thomas W. Starnes] This 16-bit processor with multiple 32-bit registers is considered by many experts to be the most...
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A rescan for this item is available here . Columns p.37 Build the Circuit Cellar Term-Mite ST Smart Terminal. Part 1: Hardware [author Steve Ciarcia] Thanks to advancing technology, you can construct an intelligent video terminal with just 21 integrated circuits. p.53 BYTE West Coast: Beyond the Word Processor [author Phil Lemmons] Tomorrow's text editors may facilitate text composition from the earliest conceptual stages to the analysis of finished documents. p.61 User's Column: Too Many...
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Note: "1984, the Year of the 32-blt Microprocessor" (edit)
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Features p.30 The Compaq Computer [author Mark Dahmke] The latest IBM-compatible microcomputer, this portable machine can run all IBM system software, and it costs less than the Personal Computer. p.40 Microcomputing, British Style [author Gregg Williams] Our Senior Editor braved the crowds and the clamor of the fifth Personal Computer World Show to bring us this firsthand account. p.54 Build the Circuit Cellar MPX-16 Computer System, Part 3 [author Steve Ciarcia] The final installment...
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